We are METANOIA — We are idealists, realists, skeptics, misfits, and mavericks. We are optimists and warriors, believers and storytellers. We are adventurers on a journey to change one’s mind, self, and way of life. We are a start-up to connect those that are content and the ones that want change. We are “yin” and “yang” — We are people, we are you!   

As idealists,

we tend to be stargazers and dreamers—we picture en masse a future where every individual person is free to pursue their passion without the constraints of their status, background, ethnicity, nor faith, and far beyond than just simply working to kill time or pay the bills, but unto something that makes them feel sustainably engaged and happy.

But as realists,

we attempt to be as objective as possible and recognize that such a future is highly unlikely and most likely crazy—the practical questions that must be answered and the challenges that must be overcome are demanding to say the least. However, we do acknowledge that an idea can only remain abstract unless acted upon, crystallized, and then implemented into reality.

As sceptics,

we tend to doubt and suspend judgment until all the facts are in before we give a verdict. We are not easily taken in by spurious claims. There are many shams and trickery in the world, and we are not readily fooled by them. Besides, it's easy to hold suspicion on an idea that goes beyond one's way of thinking.

But as misfits & mavericks,

we dare to challenge conformity—and in a society that rewards conformity, it is easy to feel uninspired and lose our own part. So, we are here to remind everyone that we are all creatives—let us challenge ourselves to think outside the box and reconnect with what moves us! 

As optimists,

we engage in positive thinking. It doesn't mean we ignore facts; we still see things as they are, we just tend to hold our enthusiasm despite them and visualize how they might become better—we have a predisposition to think of the best possible things to happen and hope for it even if it's not likely. 

But as warriors,

hope is all we need to have the courage to stay focused, disciplined, and aggressive—not out of selfishness, but on behalf of others. We are committed to moving consciously into the pains and burden of each other to help alleviate them. In essence, we vow to take care of one another, even if it sometimes means not liking how that feels.  

As believers,

we believe that helping others find their passion is something worth pursuing, not as a place to find, but rather as a decision we can all make. Just ask anyone who has a deep career satisfaction and they'll tell you that it's their connection with their work that makes them feel fulfilled—it's the belief that the right job for an individual creates a state of mind that transforms their way of life for the better.

But as storytellers,

we are not here to tell you how to think; we only seek to listen, give ideas, and perhaps offer solutions when needed. After all, we are the narrators of our own lives. It is up to you to decide how your story unfolds—we're just here to help you tell your story. 

As adventurers,

we go out of our comfort zones to open ourselves up to the experiences that life gives us, no matter which path we may choose to go on. We are explorers on a journey, not to find a particular destination, but a new way of looking at things. Life experiences have taught us that everything is a matter of perspective; with the right mindset—what might seem impossible could very well tip towards the realms of possibility. 

But as a start-up,

we realize that while some people may already have a good perception of the world as it is, a large portion of the population still fails to appreciate it, and it's not for the lack of trying to see the beauty this world has to offer—you need but only look at these people's smiles. Hence, we are planting this seed of thought with the intent to nourish it through our actions.

As "yin" & "yang"

of the world, we are the polar dualities of life at every moment and station in it. We are a crazy contradiction of characters made of oppositions who live between two poles—there's a philistine and aesthete in all of us. We're not that great. Every time we take a step forward, we have the tendency to go back to the same primitive behavior.

But as people,

though we may be individuals uniquely different from one another, let us not forget that we are creatures of the same kind. Our contradictions need not be at odds. Together we can use our differences as a trigger for intellectual creativity—to use these fissures to nourish creative inspiration so that we may all work towards unlocking our full potential and contribute towards the common good of a thriving community.

And as you,

we share this mindset so that in the future...

should we ever lose our way, share it right back. As a wise man once said:

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

— Mahatma Gandhi

It is when we change the way we see the world that we can begin to change the world we see.