Your Essence Matters More Than Your Experience

Most recruiters and hiring managers hire based on a list of requirements, experience, and skills one must possess, but here at Metanoia Recruitment we dig deeper — we care about people, not resumes nor CVs.

When a candidate goes into an interview, they should consider how they can differentiate themselves from others. Essentially, what is your story?

Your story is distinct to you, it’s what differentiates you from all the other hopeful candidates and it’s what makes you the best candidate for the job. The experiences you’ve been through is what makes you unique — it is what tells an employer about a person’s essence, and it is important, in fact, it is critical because if it were just about submitting resumes and CVs, then the process would be a lot simpler — you match the requirements of a job with a resume that checks all the boxes and done! That’s it! But no, why?

Because of a few things:

  • It doesn’t matter how well you listen if you can’t do anything with what you heard.

  • It doesn’t matter how engaging you are if you have nothing creative to offer.

  • It doesn’t matter how honest and trusting employers see you if you just quit within the next month.

  • It doesn’t matter how well you can communicate if there is no substance to what you are talking about.

  • It doesn’t matter how well you can identify “needs” if you can’t offer sustainable solutions because of poor analysis.

While these may not be the case for every industry, nevertheless, it is important for us to know your story from your own perspective so that we may help you identify 3 key aspects:

1) Passion — at the end of the day, if you are not doing what you like doing, then any work you do is going to be like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or maybe even doing that last rep in a workout. The point is, if you don’t have the determination and the grit to withstand the challenges you face at work, then chances are that role is simply not for you, but fret not we are here to listen, give ideas, and offer solutions if needed.

2) Compassion — with passion comes compassion, and knowing about what you truly care about gives us the confidence that you’d be able to tackle any problem you may encounter at work because when you care about something we do like to think that you would, at the very least, give it a try to help alleviate the situation and with that comes the ability to analyse and problem-solve, which everyone is bound to learn, if only they care long enough.

3) Curiosity — while it may or may not have killed the cat, it does fuel high levels of creativity within every single one of us. In fact, it has been found to be just as important as intelligence, which is needed to succeed and navigate in our increasingly complex world. After all, expertise only grows as people actualize their curiosity by developing a love of learning for it is what inspires a sense of purpose and meaning.

These 3 key aspects combined is the essence of the people we try to discover. So, whether you’re a candidate who’s looking for a new opportunity or a client looking for help in finding the right person for your business, remember that our services revolve around people and there’s just no prescriptive way to line up the best candidates for jobs — it’s about capturing the candidate’s story to demonstrate that he/she is the best person to get the job done.

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